My girl korean drama episode 14 eng sub

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Is it right for us to do this against our parents' wishes? ▶ My Girl EP 16 clip

Delicious Rendezvous Eternal Love of Dream.As a child, Meng Hui was involved in a terrible accident. Traumatized by the event, Meng Hui developed a dissociative identity disorder which causes her to switch between two distinct personalities at random. Never knowing when her alternate personality might emerge, Meng Hui has struggled all her life, to find a balance between her two sides. Now grown, Meng Hui works as a makeup artist who has started creating her own small line of homemade cosmetics.

As fate would have it, she happens to cross paths with Shen Yi, the CEO of a large cosmetics company, during one of her episodes and suddenly declares herself to be his girlfriend. In turn Shen Yi is rewarded for his seeming gallantry when he discovers, not long after, that Meng Hui has developed a liquid foundation that has the potential to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Desperate to get his hands on her formula, Shen Yi continues to play the part of the devoted boyfriend, a fact that shocks Meng Hui once her alternate personality relinquishes control.

But their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Meng Hui learns that Shen Yi was the one responsible for the accident that changed her life, all those years ago. Will their love become the salve that heals their deepest wounds or will they find that some wounds really do leave permanent scars? Source: Viki Edit Translation. MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information.

my girl korean drama episode 14 eng sub

Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 8. Score: 8.

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YoYo English Channel. Add Cast. Li Jia Qi Meng Hui. Fan Zhi Xin Sui An. Pu Tao Ah Tao. Arthur Su Jiang Jiang. He Mei Xuan Wei Lei. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 0. Jul 17, 24 of 24 episodes seen. Completed 0. Overall 8. Story 7. Was this review helpful to you?

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Despicable Me 2 TS p. Click Here To Stream T Click Here To Stream This Powered by Blogger. About Me Unknown View my complete profile. Sample Text. The story starts with Yoo Rin rushing to the airport. She is helping her friend delay a flight so that the tourists of her friend will not miss their flight.Sucks you in like no other.

Funny and Cute!!

My Lovely Girl

MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. My Girl Episode 1 7. When Gong Chan learns Yoo Rin is fluent in other languages, he hires her as a translator for an important business meeting. Aired: December 14, Next Episode.

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New Topic. Be the first to create a discussion for My Girl. New Reaction. Other reviews by this user. Jun 23, I am curious to see how my opinion will change, since so far I don't like the lead female character. She is meant to be cute, but I find her annoying.

I am not hooked, but i'm curious to see how things turn out since this drama is so highly recommended by so many people. Too many slapstick running scenes for my taste, i guess.

I can see the characters are being introduced, but i wanna get to the story already. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Skye-N-Rain 7 people found this review helpful. May 12, This was my one of my first dramas and it truly sucked me. I felt like rewatching it today after discussing it with some people so I started the first episode. Once again I remember why I love it so much.We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Cookie Settings. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. Sign Up Free. Explore All shows Movies. Sign up Log in. My Lovely Girl 8. Genres Idol DramaMelodramaMusic. This show is not available in your region Want to see it in your area? Tell us about it! A man and a woman scared by the death of one. They eat, sleep and sometimes laugh like before but if one thing has changed, even the brief glimpse of happiness they feel in their daily lives is misfortune.

These two reach out to each other. And they speak to each other. Telling each other to stop suffering, that it wasn't their fault, and so it's okay to be happy now. They heal their emotional scars, open up their hearts and fall in love again. Through this story, we can see that the thing that gets us up again after a tragedy, the thing that comforts us in the face of a loss of life is people and love.

It is a warm and ordinary story.Hyemyeong is so close to getting her questions answered, but her enemies have become very good at distancing her from anyone close to her.

With the king dealing with the political strife regarding her lawbreaking behavior, he feels more distant than ever at a time when our princess needs him as a father. But the distance from the palace gives Hyemyeong a chance to bend more rules and find a true companion in Gyun Woo, who seems to be the only one willing to lend her a hand. At night, Min Yoo-hwan attempts to enter the city, lowering his hat to cover his face.

We next find Min Yoo-hwan standing under the big tree — the meeting location for him and Hyemyeong — with a solemn expression.

my girl korean drama episode 14 eng sub

As they walk out of the library, Hyemyeong tells Gyun Woo that her curiosity will keep her up at night and teases him for reading the supposedly scandalous book. Then she stops in her tracks, and her eyes flutter with recognition. Gyun Woo looks ahead, and they see a man taking off his hat and slowly revealing his face. Before Hyemyeong can run to him, Gyun Woo holds her back.

Further down the road, they both spot Wol-myung approaching Min Yoo-hwan. Wol-myung tells Min to go with him, and Hyemyeong helplessly watches them pass by. She tries to follow them, but Gyun Woo holds her back again, warning her that it could be another trap. Meanwhile, Minister Jung plays a game of baduk with his daughter, Da-yeon. We find loyal guard Joon-young protesting the release of the criminal butcher, but the minister he brings his pleas to argues that there was no evidence of the tabloid printmaking shop at his butchery.

Then, the butcher lifts the floorboard to reveal the entrance to the secret basement.

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Min instantly recognizes Minister Jung and seethes his name. Minister Jung thinks back to an old conversation with the queen, who suspected that the dethroned queen was still alive after seeing Hyemyeong with the jade ring.

The queen was determined to get rid of Hyemyeong and Min Yoo-hwan, but Minister Jung seemed more concerned with who saved the deposed queen and why. Back in the secret basement, Minister Jung tells Min Yoo-hwan that he should have returned earlier, since they have plenty to discuss. Minister Jung smirks as he wipes the spit off and looks to Wol-myung, who strikes Min unconscious with a hammer, spattering blood everywhere. With that, he dismisses her. Brr, icy. He then suggests that they report this to the police, but Hyemyeong refuses to put Min Yoo-hwan in danger, since he would be executed if he were caught.

At her side, Gyun Hee voices her suspicions about something going on between her brother and the princess, and her mother jerks up to dismiss any possible suspicions.

Then, she flails back onto her pillow, worried sick about her precious son. The queen dowager looks suspiciously at all the court ladies dispersed in the room but covers her suspicions with a gentle smile.My Account. About iQIYI. Help and support.

My Girl Episode 1

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Type: Youth, Idol. Type: Costume, Mystery, Youth.

my girl korean drama episode 14 eng sub

Type: Mystery, Feature Movies, Idol. Type: Costume, Fantasy, Immortals, Youth. Type: Costume, Romance, Love, Wuxia. Type: Costume, Romance, Love. Type: Costume, Romance, Love, Idol. Type: Romance, Love, Youth, Idol. Type: Youth, Feature Movies.

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